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Once you tried magicJack, you will never go back!

Since Mr.Graham Bell invented the phone, mankind have been able to communicate long distant. With the entry and revolution of the Internet, we can communicate with sound and picture for free! You only pay for your Internet connection.

Many companies have been trying to make a business by putting the Internet and telecom together. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP is booming and it is the current trend!

We offer the easiest and consumer friendly VOIP on the market and we will give our clients the best support and price on the market. Simple: We have an solution you can't refuse!

About us

We are a registered UK company with a Swedish branch. Our Office is in Sweden and you can visit us weekdays 1 pm - 4 pm. We sell magicJack to all of Europe and South America. As a distributor of magicJack outside USA/Canada, we will work hard to help our retailers or local distributors so they have all the support and information needed to sell as much as possible.

Our set goal is that everyone who work with us will be very successful. Our experience in Sales, setting goals and accomplish them, technology products and Internet, is vital to help you as a partner. Together with us you can be sure of getting a perfect start!

Mail and visiting address:

Solna Business Centre
Svetsarvagen 15
171 41 Solna

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